Event Catering

Ma's Bakery can help you with your catering needs for events like, but not limited to:

  • Weddings and
  • Anniversaries
  • Birthday
  • Graduations
  • Confirmations and Baptisms
  • Company Events
Grilled Chicken - Wedding  Catering - Lunch - Ma's Bakery - Restaurant
Wedding  Cake - Ma's Bakery - Wedding Catering - Wisconsin

Meat - Buns - Potatoes

Catering Listings - Meats
Description Price Unit
Roast Beef $4.65 Per Pound
BBQ Beef $4.85 Per Pound
Pork $3.85 Per Pound
BBQ Pork $4.00 Per Pound
BBQ (Hamburger) $3.89 Per Pound
Chicken Salad $6.00 Per Pound
Salisbury Steak $5.00 Per Pound
Swiss Steak & Gravy $5.95 Per Pound
Baked Ham $4.25 Per Pound
BBQ Chicken $4.25 Per Pound
Chicken Breast in Gravy $4.95 Per Pound
Turkey and Dressing $90 Per Full Roaster
Turkey and Dressing $70 Per 3/4 Full Roaster
Turkey and Dressing $50 Per 1/2 Full Roaster
Turkey and Dressing $30 Per 1/4 Full Roaster
Fried Chicken $1.35 Per Piece
Lasagna $28 Per 1/2 Sheet Pan
Spaghetti with Noodles $95 Per Full Roaster - 60 servings
Catering Listings - Hash browns & Au Gratin
Description Price Unit
Hash Browns or Au Gratin $50 Per Full Roaster
Hash Browns or Au Gratin $32 Per 1/2 Roaster
Hash Browns or Au Gratin $24 Per 1/4 Roaster
Macaroni and Cheese $35 Per Full Roaster
Catering Listings - Buns and Bread
Description Price Unit
Hamburger Buns $2.50  
Wheat Hamburger Buns $2.75  
Brat Buns $2.50  
Dinner Rolls $2.00  
Wheat Dinner Rolls $2.25  
White Bread $1.75  
Wheat Bread $2.00  
Sub Buns $.40 each

Heating food and delivery of food costs $75.00

Trays - Sandwiches - Salad - Other

Catering Listings - Trays
Description Price Unit
Cheese Tray $4.99 Per Pound
Cheese and Salami Tray $5.25 Per Pound
Relish Tray $32 Per Large Tray
Relish Tray $20 Per Small Tray
Veggie or Fruit Pizza $40 Per Full Sheet
Veggie or Fruit Pizza $20 Per 1/2 Sheet
Veggie or Fruit Pizza $10 Per 1/4 Sheet
Catering Listings - Sandwiches
Description Price Unit
Ham (On Dinner Rolls) $.60 Per Sandwich
Turkey (On Dinner Rolls) $.60 Per Sandwich
Roast Beef (On Dinner Rolls) $.60 Per Sandwich
Egg Salad (On Dinner Rolls) $.60 Per Sandwich
Chicken Salad (On Dinner Rolls) $.75 Per Sandwich
Chicken Salad (On Hamburger Buns) $1.25 Per Sandwich
Catering Listings - Salads
Description Price Unit
Potato Salad $2.65 Per Pound
Macaroni Salad $2.50 Per Pound
Rotini Salad $3.25 Per Pound
Coleslaw $2.25 Per Pound
Broccoli-cauliflower salad $4.50 Per Pound
Fresh Fruit $4.75 Per Pound
Fruit Salad with Glaze $3.25 Per Pound
Pea Salad $2.50 Per Pound
Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato (BLT) Salad $2.50 Per Pound
Spaghetti Salad $2.50 Per Pound
Catering Listings - Other Items
Description Price Unit
Taco Dip $25 Per Large Bowl
Taco Dip $14 Per Small Bowl
Chips for Taco Dip $8 Per Large Bag
All soups $3.50 Per Quart
Baked Beans $8.00 Per Can

Ma's Bakery serves the following Wisconsin (WI) cities and towns:

Bloomington, Bagley, Belmont, Benton, Boscobel, Cassville, Cobb, Cuba City, Dickeyville, Dodgeville, Ellenboro, Fennimore, Glen Haven, Hazel Green, Highland, Kieler, Lancaster, Linden, Livingston, Mineral Point, Monfort, Patch Grove, Platteville, Potosi, Prairie Du Chien, Rewey, and Stitzer, plus Dubuque, IA